Sprinkler System Renovation

Over time, sprinkler systems inevitably become less efficient, requiring attention much like any other mechanical system.

In Colorado, where precipitation is scarce, the foundation for a beautiful and healthy lawn begins with an efficient sprinkler system. When water distribution is optimized, your lawn can truly flourish, becoming the envy of the neighborhood.

At Castle Rock Sprinkler Service, we understand the mechanics of maximizing the efficiency of a residential sprinkler system.

The process begins with a thorough, no-obligation evaluation of the existing system. From there, we provide the homeowner with a detailed written plan outlining the intended changes necessary to improve water distribution uniformity.

This may involve adjustments such as relocating or adding spray heads. We implement the latest in water-saving technology, including smart clocks and low-flow spray nozzles like the MP Rotator. The results speak for themselves: stunning improvements in lawn health and attractiveness.

With over 26 years of experience, we deliver exceptional results in residential sprinkler systems and lawn care. Contact us today for a no-obligation system evaluation.

As a side note, many local water providers offer rebates and incentives for the exact system changes we recommend. Check with your local water district to see what may be available.

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