Sprinkler System Repairs

Backflow device damaged by freezing
Backflow is replaced with a drain elbow

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Our trained technicians are well-versed in all aspects of residential sprinkler system repairs, tackling a wide range of issues with expertise and precision:

Freeze damage to pipes or components
Leaks of all kinds
Backflow repairs
Electrical troubleshooting
Manifold repairs
Zones that won’t start or turn off
Clogged or malfunctioning spray heads
Broken or damaged spray heads
Issues with control clocks or timers
Backflow preventer malfunctions or leaks
Valve problems including stuck or leaking valves
Wiring issues or electrical faults
Problems with zone control or sequencing
Pressure regulator failures
Manifold leaks or malfunctions
Pipe breaks or cracks
Damaged or faulty sensors (rain or moisture sensors)
Water pressure problems such as low pressure or surges
Issues with water distribution uniformity
Coverage issues or dry spots in the lawn
Root intrusion into irrigation lines
Corrosion or rust in system components
Overall system inefficiency or poor performance

In addition to repairs, we specialize in system tune-ups aimed at enhancing efficiency and performance. Our team is dedicated to solving problems that other companies may struggle to address, ensuring that your sprinkler system operates optimally.

While our primary focus is on repairs and tune-ups, we also offer installation services for new systems. Whether you’re dealing with persistent brown areas in your lawn or your sprinkler system is causing your lawn to look less than its best, we’re the company to call for solutions. Trust us to diagnose and resolve any issues with your sprinkler system, ensuring that your lawn stays lush and healthy.