System Start-Up

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The start-up service includes activating the system (get it operating). Technicians will check for leaks at the backflow device and in the valve boxes.  Each zone will be started using the clock, zones will be checked for proper pressure and any damaged spray heads.

Special attention be given to head adjustment, proper alignment, and coverage.  Technicians will be looking for leaning heads as well as any which are too low in the ground.  The idea with the attention to the heads is to achieve the best coverage possible with the head spacing configuration.

The drip irrigation lines will be checked for leaks.

The control clock will be set to optimize for the best use of water. Where there are watering restrictions, the clock will be set to comply with the required schedule.  The invoice will show the clock settings for watering days, start times, and run times.

Your trained technician will point out any issues that may require attention in the future.  Further the tech will gladly show an interested homeowner how to set & operate the control clock.


  • $150 up to eight zones
  • Additional zones are $10 each
  • Parts and installation if needed, are extra

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