Lawn Care Program

The service consists of seven visits as follows:
Five rounds of lawn care which includes fertilization and weed control. The weed control includes spot spraying in cracks, crevices as well as the rock bed areas.  Grub control is included with the first round in the Springtime.   Damage caused by pets including urine spots are addressed during the springtime visits at an additional charge for seed and soil.

Two Aeration applications once in the Spring and again in the Fall.  The service includes the equivalent of two passes over the entire lawn surface on each visit.

Mite control is available at an additional charge for those properties that may be susceptible to this winter insect.  The technician will advise if the lawn needs it prior to any applications.

 Lawn Restoration, Spring Lawn Seeding & Turf Repair
The charge for this service is $125 per hour plus seed and soil. The minimum labor charge is $125. The cost of seed is $9 per pound and topsoil is $8 per bag.  Seed and soil are used as needed for repairs. The seed is applied at the rate of ten pounds per 1000 SF to damaged areas. Aeration is used as part of the process to restore damaged areas.  Our process has proven effective at restoring the lawn and is less costly than installing new sod.    Learn More

Grub Damage
Billbug larva feed on the grass roots and can rapidly destroy a lawn.
Adult bluegrass billbug
Early Springtime grub damage
The lawn is restored, beautiful and healthy.
This grub damage like this will be prevented when using our lawn care program
After restoration the our lawn care program the grass is healthy and vibrant
Neglected Lawn
The neglected lawn was mostly weeds and unwanted grass varieties
The lawn is restored without removing or installing new sod
Mite Damage
This lawn was damaged by mites, a winter insect
The lawn is restored, healthy, and robust. Our lawn care program protects lawns from mite damage during the winter months
Pet Damage
Pet damage combined with a poorly tuned sprinkler system
Pet pressure and a poorly tuned sprinkler system led to the appearance of the lawn
The pets still play on the grass, but a healthy lawn holds up better under the pressure.
Necrotic Ring Spot Damage
The lawn destroyed by Necrotic Ring Spot, NRS
NRS is gone thanks to John's Lawn Care program activities
Necrotic Ring Spot
Necrotic Ring Spot
Urine damage caused by pets.
Crab Grass
Rock Bed Long Term Weed Control
This is a separate service from the rock bed spot-spray weed control which is part of John’s Lawn Care Program. This early season application effectively prevents new weeds from germinating in the treated areas for up to 6 months.  The control material also knocks down any weeds that happen to be present at the time of application.     Learn More

Rock Bed Weed Control Service Cost
When done in conjunction with a John’s Lawn Care Program visit the cost is $8.00 per gallon of applied material.