Rock Bed Weed Control

Rock Bed Long Term Weed Control
This is a separate service from the rock bed weed control which is part of John’s Complete Lawn Care Program. This application effectively prevents new weeds from germinating in the treated areas for up to 6 months.

The control material will also knock down any weeds in the target area that happen to be present at the time of application. This is an effective treatment to keep rock beds clear of weeds.

This application is ideal for those areas where weeds are not tolerated such as exposed areas in the front of the house where the subdivision is subject to strict covenants.  Also, ideal for those homeowners who prefer weeds to be under control throughout the season. This is also a helpful solution for rental properties with rock beds as part of the landscape as most tenants will not bother to pull weeds in those areas.

Just to be clear, the weed control provided in John’s Lawn Care Program is to spot spray any weeds present at the time of the visit. Spot treating will control the current weeds in the rock beds but has no impact on new growth during the period between visits, which is typically five weeks.

Long-term control not only controls the weeds present in the rock beds at the time of application but prevents germination of new weeds for up to 6 months.

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