Mid-Season Irrigation System Check-Up

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As temperatures soar and water demands rise during the summer months, our Mid-Season Irrigation Check-Up guarantees your lawn, plants and trees remain vibrant and healthy. Here’s what’s included:

Thorough Examination: Our expert technicians meticulously inspect every aspect of your irrigation system, including backflow devices, valve boxes, individual zones, and spray heads.

Leak Detection: We look for leaks at backflow devices, valve boxes, and along irrigation lines to prevent water waste and property damage.

Spray Head Evaluation: Each zone will be operated from the control clock. Our experts adjust and align spray heads for optimal coverage, eliminating dry spots.

Drip Irrigation Inspection: Our technician will inspect drip lines for leaks and blockages, ensuring plants and landscape beds receive water efficiently.

Control Clock Optimization: We optimize your control clock for an ideal watering schedule tailored to your landscape’s needs and local watering regulations. A detailed watering schedule printout is provided for your reference.

Future Recommendations: Our technicians offer valuable insights and maintenance suggestions to boost system performance.

Written Report: Includes comprehensive findings, watering schedule details, and recommendations to improve system performance and water savings.


  • Base Charge for up to eight zones: $150
  • Additional Zones: $10 each
  • Parts and Installation (if needed): Priced separately.

At Castle Rock Sprinkler Service, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. Entrust our team to ensure your irrigation system operates smoothly, keeping your landscape thriving for the entire season. Schedule your mid-season check-up today!