Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization provides nutrition by injecting the soil with fertilizer. The high-pressure injection process helps ensure that the fertilizer can reach the deepest tree roots.

While surface fertilization might be beneficial for grass and smaller landscape plants, trees & shrubs that have deep-reaching roots can’t be effectively fertilized from the surface. This makes fertilizing them harder because you are unable to reach the entire root system of the plant where it needs nutrients the most.

Here are some key benefits of deep root fertilization:

• Promotes thick, healthy, vibrant foliage
• Optimizes soil condition and nutrient content
• Stimulates development of canopy and blooms
• Helps prevent weather damage from frost and sunburn
• Maximizes resistance to pests and disease
• Reduces soil compaction
• Aerates the soil for optimal growth
• Trees are more aesthetically pleasing
• Prevents yellowing of leaves caused by chlorosis (lack of chlorophyll)
• Aids in the growth of new plant shoots

When is the Best Time for Deep Root Fertilization?

For the best results, trees, shrubs, and plants should be fed twice every year, both in the Spring & Fall.

Service Pricing

$2.50 per gallon

The Liquid fertilizer is injected at the rate of 5 gallons per inch of tree trunk. Applications are made 2-3′ from the trunk and extend beyond the drip line. Injections are made every 2-3′ in a grid pattern.